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               Chongqing Gongben Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd. is committed to providing people with real "decoration design, construction solutions", the business scope covers professional architectural decoration design and construction, forest garden engineering, office furniture products, the overall soft decoration。National franchise services and international business projects。Decoration adhere to the "process refinement, people-oriented" as the purpose, adhere to the "brand, professional, standardized, green" development path。


                The company's main business objects include decoration engineering, forest landscape company, office furniture sales, overall soft installation engineering, fire protection engineering, curtain wall engineering;
                Decoration engineering mainly includes: hotel decoration, office decoration, factory decoration, shopping mall decoration, office decoration, store decoration, chain store decoration and other tooling projects。
Forest landscape: Garden landscape, greening;Forest garden paving;Forest garden water feature;Forest and garden works;Afforestation works;Forest park signage project;Forest garden earthworks;
Office furniture sales: office furniture, household appliances, daily necessities, hardware products;
Overall soft installation project:Furniture, lighting, fabric (curtains, wallcoverings, carpets and bedding), decorations, artwork, hanging pictures, flowers and plants

         Over the years,重庆建筑Decoration group has become the leading brand in the field of decoration in the city with absolute advantages. We believe that through our unremitting efforts, we will become the most brilliant pearl in the decoration industry。

        Enterprise spirit:Craft refinement, people-oriented 

        Domain concept:"Win-win" between employees and enterprises, "win-win" between enterprises and customers。Development goal: Through strong market action, will建筑Decoration group has developed into one of the main famous brand enterprises in domestic decoration。


       Development concept: Starting from the needs of users and the market, we gradually understand, master and apply the development laws of the industry, and implement the strategy of "knowledge operation (human resources) strategy", "capital operation strategy", "information operation strategy" and "innovation + speed" to achieve high-speed growth and non-linear development。

       Business strategy: Through user evaluation, to improve the user as the leading to establish the enterprise brand;Through external expansion,National chain, franchise and other standardized operation model,Greatly expand and consolidate the decoration market share;Through open and multi-faceted forms of cooperation,Establish and enrich the company's human resource team;Through professional and systematic training,Improve staff quality;Through the introduction of investment, venture capital,Enter the financial securities market early。


      Work atmosphere: Generous, professional, innovative and efficient。

      Employee oath: I do: unity and forge ahead, sincere and friendly, mutual encouragement, efficient and excellent, endless industry, forever climbing the peak。

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